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We worked hard on all this, so please don't steal it! It's illegal and it isn't a nice thing to do. If you want to share it, tell your friends the address ( or point to it from your Web page.

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  • The Best of Show graphic is the property of the Lone Star Chapter of the Society For Technical Communication. It is used by permission.
  • We believe the text in the "Funny Stuff" sections is in the public domain. If we have used copyrighted material, we would like to be informed so we can get permission to use it or can remove it from these pages.

InterGO Communications, Inc. and its founder, Lyle Griffin, got us into seriously exploring the Internet and then writing Web pages back in 1994. For years, InterGO provided the computer that contained our page. Without the support of InterGO Communications, these pages could not have come into existence.

WebFeats now provides the computer for our pages as well as moral support for our activities.

Dan Sturdivant of Creative Support contributed heavily to the design of these pages. Some of us are left-brain thinkers and some of us are right-brain thinkers. Together we create greatness!

To contact The WriteTeam, please send an e-mail message to Bob or Lana.

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